Thursday, November 08, 2007

Brigitta is Speedalicious

Arwen has been bringing me down. It's lovely, but takes forever. I need a sweater yesterday. Plus, I've been reading about the modifications some people have made and I wish I had made them. I'm contemplating tearing it back to the beginning and starting over. It's been over a month since I started and I haven't finished the first front piece yet.

Then Brigitta entered my life.

She's everything I wanted Arwen to be, but knitted on size 15s. I will either be adding buttons or leaving it open because i'm not really a brooch kind of girl. I love the swinginess and I love the shoulder shaping. Can't wait to get there. This is going so quickly I'm sure I'll be there soon. This weekend is another school weekend which means 2 days of sitting in 8-hour lectures. I can be wearing Brigitta by Monday, for sure.

And, I alreadt have a bunch of Rowan Big Wool so I bought the pattern and cast it on. Then checked my stash of black Rowan Big Wool because I've been using it for little things here and there. Because I have so much of it.

you see where this is going.

I think I'm going to run short. Which is ok. Because then I'll just rip out the Mole's Tomten. Which is ok because I never intended to make him a black one anyway. I intended to make him a red, orange, and white one. But he needed it for Halloween. But I didn't finish it on time for Halloween. So he doesn't really need it. Never mind that I'm only about 28 stitches away from finishing it.

Anyway, I'm focusing on loving Brigitta instead.



Blogger iwouldratherbeknitting said...

That's what I need to make: an almost 'instant sweater!' :D

I thought the unicorn costume was adorable. Maybe, she'll wear it next year?

3:44 AM  

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