Saturday, January 07, 2006


I volunteer for a group called FIAU. Federazione Internazionale di Appogio Umano. Or the International Federation for Human Support.

I also participate in a group of women who handcraft things, called the Fluff Factory. Twice a year the Fluff Factory holds a series of auctions and raises money for a selected charity.

This February the twain shall meet.

Fluff Factory supports FIAU. I'm so excited i could implode. Stay tuned for previews and loads of gushing.

In the meantime, look! a bear:

This crazy blend of blue, teal, and deep violet is the greatest combination of happy colors, perhaps ever. I love working with this yarn. Speaking of yarn. I got a HUGE load of yarn from Mosaic Moon today. all kinds of deliriously delightful handpainted organic wooly beauty.

I can't wait to knit it all up. all of it. The load of yarn so big the post office had to give me one of those plastic bin things to carry it all home. Photos, of course, forthcoming.

In the meantime, before i dig into the new, let's finish up the old. I made a pixie with some remnants of my Little Turtle Knits merino in "Midnight Ride." I like him. Generally I do different colors for the heads, but this time i just did a different stitch for the body. it was a fun little change.


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