Monday, January 02, 2006

Flounder and grilled cheese

I know all parents think their child is a brilliant genius. In my case, I happen to be right. My squid is especially inclined towards the arts. She's very good at drawing circles, and people (though they always have only one leg and verrrrrrry long arms). I love watching her total concentration. It seems to me what it must have been like to watch Pollock work. She gets really close, then steps back, then tilts her head, slashes another stroke of color, another head tilt...

It's interesting that although she uses her right hand for most of her artwork (aside from the occasional bold stroke with the left, her right hand is really the one that makes all the precise marks) she is a total pig eating right-handed. She can barely get the spoon in her mouth with her right hand. If she takes it in her left, however, she glides it right on in there with no spillage. I guess she's a left handed eater and a right handed artist.

Recently she's discovering that art has more than 2 dimensions. Cookie cutters and play dough are a huge thing around here right now. She's especially interested in embellishing her work.

I suggested that due to the two eyes on the same side of the head thing that perhaps this was a flounder. She looked at me like I was cracking a great joke and said "no, that's not a flounder! it's a fish!" So there you have it. She's only two and a half. She's pretty good, right?

And me? just in time for the last night of Hanukkah (meaning this did not make it in the mail on time) i present the felted kippah. I fear it's still huge. It'll have to travel to Oregon for me to know for sure, though. Matching legwarmers are in the works. I think i should have enough yarn to make another, unfelted kippah should this one turn into a fruit bowl. The yarn is organic shetland dyed by Morwenna.

And now that the kippah has vacated my sophisticated blocking system, these pants have taken up residence. My blocking system is quite specifically a unique New York Apartment kind of thing. First the item is washed and shaped to measure on my Costly But Worth Every Penny Aeron chair which is a perfect blocking board for a mere lots of hundreds of dollars.

The now shaped and partly dry item is then placed on the cookie cooling racks on top of the radiator. Note that cookie cutters are used for play dough and cooling racks for blocking knit items. Not a lot of baking going on around here. By the way, that divine yarn is Bluefaced Leicester from Nada's husband Brad.

I'm nearly finished (can't you tell?) with this kimono-style sweater for a yet-to-be-newborn. It's in a cushy little pseudo-boucle cotton from Henry's Attic called Monte Cristo. It is nothing like a deep fried grilled ham and cheese, however. This yarn was dyed by Theresa. Matching hat and pants to come.

I got myself a fancy new progress meter thing over there. Like it? Code comes from and some of additional icons are from Little Turtle Knits. I made the bear myself. not a lot of bear knitting progress meter icons to be found out there.


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