Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Get lit. Learn to knit. Kid-friendly. Believe it or not.

I'll be teaching a beginner's knitting class at my friend Judy's kid-friendly hair salon (yes, you read that right) starting January 18. Locks 'n' Lads is located at 123 E. 7th Street between A and 1st. Class begins at 5 and finishes up at around 7pm. Wine and cheese will be available, and your kids can read books and run with scissors while you get lit and learn to knit. $10 buys you 2 hours of me and all the wine and cheese you can stuff in while knitting.

We'll be starting with the easy as pie dropped yarnover scarf pattern (link to the right) so bring yarn and needles 2-3 sizes bigger than usually recommended for that yarn. If you're yarn-free (gasp!) i'll have some for sale, provided by the fantabulous Little Turtle Knits. You've got to bring needles, though. Stop in to Downtown Yarns at Ave A and 3rd street on your way if you need to pick some up. And tell Rita that Marnie said Hi. Doesn't get you anything special, but it's nice to say hi to people every now and then.

Judy's kid Angus is sweet as pie and the only kid I know who shook hands jovially before he could walk. Judy and her husband Nick also host the exquisite Happy Hour With Storyteller (it was my idea to combine 2 for 1 drinks with entertainment for your kid, I do admit) at the Cake Shop on Ludlow between Stanton and Rivington on Mondays at 5.

So there you have it. Get loaded 2x a week with Judy and bring your kid. If you don't have a kid, you can come anyway and borrow one of ours.


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