Wednesday, January 04, 2006

How is it possible that i forget EVERYTHING?

So that why don't we get drunk and knit thing? not gonna happen on January 18. Especially since about 10 minutes before I said "yeah, the 18th would be great" I got off the phone with my husband saying "Milan? the 10th through the 19th? sounds fine." I literally seem to retain nothing for more than 13 seconds. it's rather alarming.

So anyway. Classes start the week after the 18th. I looked up what it is but i forget.

On the upside, I did finish the little pixie that goes with the radiator pants. Just waiting to go into an envelope and off she goes.

and just 'cause i felt like it, i made a snake, too. I think I'm going to take this one to Locks 'n' Lads. looks rather laddish, I think.

And now, I retire. Today was the first back-to-school day post-holiday madness and it was tough getting up this morning. Tomorrow the Squid and I are girls on the town together. I think we may go to the Kidding Around and look at dollhouses. I'm trying to convince The Squid that she wants one.


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