Saturday, January 14, 2006

News and Updates from Spaghetti Central

A few things.

Classes at Locks and Lads will be on MONDAYs, starting January 23, from 5-7pm. L&L is located at 123 E. 7th. I will have loads of delicious yarns provided by Little Turtle Knits and Irish Baby. Theresa and Sharon are offering these yarns to L&L knitting students at enormous discounts. Lucky ducks.

my "portable" knitting project, i.e., socks, that i intended to do on the plane never happened on the plane due to massive idiocy on the part of Alitalia which I won't go into because it will make me scream again. but rather than move on to the things i HAVE to do, i started on the socks anyway. not only that, i decided to experiment with sock construction, so it's a lot of ripping out and starting over. not only that, the yarn is some crappy wool/nylon blend in a hideous shade of purple. not only that, they're for me. photos to come.

The Squid is being an angel, mostly. Today is a hard day but that's partly my fault, i have to admit. she's napping now and maybe we'll both feel better later. *sigh*


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