Thursday, January 12, 2006

Reason 4,792,340 why Milan bugs me

People here hold their place in line at the grocery store with their baskets or carts. I don't mean "oops, i forgot something, i'm leaving my cart here and running over there for a sec." I mean they do half of their shopping, park the basket on the floor in a line and walk casually away to continue shopping, popping back to unload and scoot the basket up a bit. and if they're not there or not ready when it's their turn and you are behind them and even consider going ahead of them? they'll yell at you.


Blogger Jennifer said...

well it's about the millionth reason why I'm jealous of you! i SO bad want to go to Italy. DH is more than a little fed up with me clogging up our Tivo with European travel shows.

And you like live there part of time. oh the drooling!

9:33 PM  

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