Friday, February 03, 2006

Come Back, Yarn!

It's been a while. i've been preoccpied with my missing yarn. a whole huge box has gone missing. we're talking about more than a dozen skeins, many of then 8 oz skeins of delicious hand painted yarn. gone.

Also, i had a box of roving go missing. It came back, though. In the meantime i've been making everything a girl cam make and stuff with beans instead of roving. I showed the squid a bean-filled bear. I quite liked it. I thought it was cool and had fun heft. She turned it over quizacally and sayd "why'd you fill this with beans, mamma?" and without even deigning to hand it back to me she let it slip through her fingers to the floor.


With fear i look forward to the knitting olympics. This peachy chenille has been taunting me for far too long. I can wait to get started. In the meantime I'm trying to hustle and get other things finished for the auctions.

For the "recycled fibers" basket I made this snake:

This qualifies because it was once a dip-dyed hat. I frogged it and reused the yarn. So here we have an oddly dip-dyed snake. I stuffed him with the extra yarn, so it would be 100% recycled (plus i was out of roving at the time).


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