Friday, February 10, 2006

NOT a good Olympic showing.

I swatched all morning. I did my calculations to adjust the pattern from 4 st/in and 6 rows/in to 3 and 5. I was primed. at exactly 2pm i cast on. I was flying. I was actually thinking "this is going to be too easy for an olympic challenge. How about I add 'plus a toy a day' to the challenge?"

Then I got the email. From Theresa. From whom I got the yarn. And the pattern. And she said...

"I've been thinking... why exactly are you doing an apron top in wool chenille?"


Yes, i've held on to this yarn for a long time and completely forgot that it was 100% wool chenille. I thought it felt odd, but frankly, I'm so used to wool, and this is really my first chenille experiment.



so now here it is 10pm on day one and i am without a project.

time to think fast.

I think i'm going to make a tank dress in Inca Cotton. let's see.


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