Monday, March 20, 2006

Coming to the surface

Blogger just ate my post. It was full of informative links and witty stories.

I'm just coming to the surface after my weird Alice Cooper sweater incident last week. I'm still a bit dazed and my schedule is way off, but I'm resurfacing.

This is how it went, short version of the short version (because the short version disappeared into the void). I have these friends. They're in the band BETTY. Currently best known for writing/performing the theme to The L Word. (hey, looking that URL up the second time, I just realized that I could download the theme song as a ringtone. That would be hiLARious.) Ok. Plug over. Back to me.

So, They know everybody. I mean everybody. So if you need something, say you're looking for someone who can, I don't know, do something odd, you call them up and they know just the person for you to call. Apparently I'm the one they call who will knit anything with only a moment's notice.

So I get a call from the friend of a friend of a friend of a friend who says " we need a hand-knit sweater with a flaming skull and crossbones on the front for a commercial starring Alice Cooper." ooooo.kkkkkk. "Oh, and we need it in three days."

So i pack up the squid and run off to Downtown Yarns and tell Rita that I need the biggest fattest yarn ever. She scurries up the ladder and starts hurling skeins of Burly Spun at me. Then she makes me really fall for her when she says "you can knit that on 19s." Grab the squid again, run halfway home. Turn around, go back to the yarn store, retrieve Miffy who was left there inadvertantly, go back home... desperately wait for naptime.... begin knitting.

So 3 days and 17 revisions to the motif (which THANKFULLY I did in duplicate stitch which is easier to change and put back and change and put back and change. Not that I had to do that. 17 times.) the sweater was finished and sent off to it's final resting place with Alice Cooper.

And yes, I know it's odd to have knitting needles in the hem of a sweater that has already been blocked, pieced together, and embroidered. But those are prop needles. Apparently Alice's granny is knitting this sweater during the commercial. As my friend Elizabeth suggested, it would have been far more cutting edge if they'd dumped the granny stereotype and had Alice himself knitting, but they just hired me to make a sweater. Not to write the script.


Blogger veronica said...

Thats AWESOME! What a crazy world!! Your sweater looks great- I hope Alice appreciates it!

8:31 AM  
Blogger Tygher Knits said...

Nu0uh! I remember Betty from Encyclopedia .. I was the dork kid that loved the show, and loved Betty even more.

11:03 AM  

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