Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Backpack Begins

Cascade 220. This was one of my first yarns. And then I went away from it. I loathed it for a time. I wonder why? I'm really enjoying it. It's no minimally processed organic something or other, but it's nice and even and reliable. And cheap. And available 5 minutes before Downtown Yarns closed in the perfect color.

Pattern? No idea. totally winging it. I didn't do a felted gauge swatch so i'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. I'm trying to decide if i should really make it roundy on the bottom like the "real" backpack or if flat is more practical. Of course I was planning on a map pocket and map (I was thinking craft felt and a sharpie) but now i realize I should do a star pocket, too. *sigh*

I don't have Cascade for the face - i plan on duplicate stitching it on pre-felting - should I worry about different yarns felting differently? Do I need to buy red and white Cascade just for the tiny bit of embroidery?

The unsuspecting recipient. You can definitely see the Italian in her in this photo, no?


Blogger Davina said...

You are brave. lol Could you dye tiny bits of the 220 you already have for the face? Maybe use felted wool fabric and sew it on after felting the bag? No clue on the star... I'm pretty sure I have seen knit star patterns, not sure where though. Maybe use one of the flowers (thinking knitty?) and make the ends pointy???

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