Monday, May 08, 2006

yeah ok. so. I have no will power.

did i finish my sock? I did not. did I buy yarn anyway? I did. did I finish my sock after I bought the yarn before I started the Green Gable? I did not. shame on me.

but really, it wasn't my fault. I had to go to the yarn store. to get something. for a friend. you don't know her. she lives in Canada. No, really.

Anyway, I stayed away from the Cotton Fleece so as not to tempt myself. But while I was looking for that thing for that Canadian friend of mine, I accidentally touched this yarn. Classic Elite Premiere. Oh. My. Goodness. This 50/50 Pima/Tencel blend is divine. DIVINE. I had to have it. Oh, and it turned out to be cheaper than the Cotton Fleece. See? I've got no willpower but at least I'm thrifty.

Warning, spoiler ahead! If you're not knitting the GG, the rest of this will probably make zero sense to you. You can skip ahead to the photo of my disaster and commence laughing at me if you'd like.

Ok. So here's the skinny. Cast on using twisted German (my fave) and did not do the row of purl. Then I had a lace problem. The mistake I was having (I posted about it) with the lace was this: in section A I would yo, k2tog happily along until I got to the last stitch, which I then kf&b. but since I was cruising in the yo, k2tog rhythm, I was finishing with a yo. so I frogged it.

This time I did the twisted German cast on but I also did the row of purl, because the sweater was starting to curl a bit in the back. Probably would have blocked out, but whatever. The TG CO and the purl row look great. I'm pleased with it.

BUT. since I had already frogged it and it was stupid o'clock in the morning, and because I'm a stubborn fool, I insisted upon staying up all night until I caught up to the point where I had frogged it before. Which was, of course, a huge mistake.

The red circle delimits some serious funk and the red lightning bolt shows the flow of the lace. oops. I absolutely positively guarantee that I ended all A rows on a k2tog and all B rows on a YO. I also absolutely guarantee you that that is clearly the ONLY part of the lace pattern I actually paid attention to.

Surprisingly, when wearing it, you can't tell at all. The lace smoothes out and looks great unless you stand with your nose 2 inches from my sternum. I couldn't get close enough to the mirror to actually see the problems. However, in the black yarn, it looks somewhat like I've got a mantilla draped across my chest.

I'm considering frogging back to the first lace disaster, and knitting the rest in stockinette. Which essentially gives me 2 repeats of section A&B, adding some interest to the piece so it's not just a top-down raglan with nice sizing. I'm planning a 3/4 sleeved GG so if I leave only 2 repeats at the neck, I could echo it with 2 repeats of the lace pattern around the bottom of the sleeves.

You want to know the funny thing? the whole reason I didn't mess with the sizing based on the posts here was that I was insisting that this would be the first time ever I actually followed a pattern. oh well.


Blogger Pamelamama said...

hey, crazy knitting lady, are you going to send me any more pictures? *wink wink*

12:58 AM  
Blogger alison said...

Oooh, that's exactly what kept happening to me in the lace section of my GG! Good for you for keeping it. It's encouraging to hear that it doesn't really show when you wear it. Maybe I can keep mine....

9:53 AM  

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