Monday, June 12, 2006

Rectangles Rock!

Thar she blows. And yes that's a square table with shorter legs stuffed under a rectangle table. It's called a desk. I live in Manhattan, cut me a break.

So I decided to break down and try to make something other than a rectangle. So I started to make a cardi for The Squid in a shade of Cotton Ease that I think is called "my, that is some serious red you've got there."

So I thought, shaping, i can do this. I started off to make a set-in sleeve cardi. Well, i got to the set-in part. "Designing" a set-in sleeve while a cakewalk with my hands, is challenging with the machine. AND it's really hard to frog back a few rows. So i frogged the whole thing. repeatedly. And decided that really, what The Squid needs is a drop-shoulder cardi.

So I made the back - cause it's, you know, a rectangle - and what you see hanging from the machine there is the left front panel just as i'm about to have to bite the bullet and do something shapey with the neck.


it's going to hang there and mock me all night, because I can't face the whole shaping, frogging, shaping, frogging thing.

I'm about an inch and a half away from yanking it off the machine and doing the top of the panels by hand.

i don't even want to THINK about sleeves.


Blogger Liz K. said...

Just the arm with the yarn threaded through looming over the, er, desk is giving me the shivers. It looks dreadfully complicated. I'm feeling hopelessly old-school.

8:46 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

unfortunately, this is the downfall of machines! if you can get a knitleader for your machine, it should help a little.

what a knitleader does is you draw your design out stitch by stitch on large graph paper. then with each row you knit, the knit leader moves to the next row. so it shows you where all your increases/decreases need to be.

of course this won't design the sweater for you.....but drawing it out first should help out a bit.

5:31 PM  

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