Sunday, September 03, 2006

Autum is for New Beginnings.

I was born in the fall. The first day of school sometimes landed on my birthday, but in any event it was always right around that time. And so for me, the year always started in September. New school year, new age. Fall has therefore always carried a feeling of excitement for me.

Also, I hate the heat. So fall is, for me, like spring - finally able to go outside and enjoy the fresh air, outdoor restaurants and sitting in the park. And I love to look forward to all of my projects for the winter months, planning and preparing. It's no surprise to me that both of my pregnancies have hit at this time.

And the herald of fall is the US Open. I love the US Open. While not much of a sports fiend, there is something about the tension, battle, poetry, and release that is a tennis match between two expert players. (Watching the US Open while pregnant is extra intense because every minor triumph elicits tears and an outpouring of emotions that leaves me walking around feeling my emotions constantly swelling.

Every time that Maria Sharipova "I feel pretty" commercial comes on I have this overwhelming pride in being a woman - I get choked up just thinking about it - and now you know just how truly insane those weepy hormones are.

But back to autumn and the beginnings it brings.

I'm finishing a navy blue school uniform for a friend's daughter which is bringing back 12 years of back-to-school navy blue sweaters. If i never see another navy blue sweater it'll be just fine with me. It looks like I'm going to have an extra skein left over and I haven't the faintest idea what to do with it.

I've got the Squid's lollipop sweater finished (worn for the first time yesterday and already lost a button. whoops.) and one more (Black Cherry "Haiku") on the needles. She got her back-to-school shoes and sneakers. Shopping for new jeans that actually come all the way down to said shoes and sneakers and socks that have a heel that actually hits her heel instead of her instep this afternoon (no, I will not be knitting a wardrobe of socks for her this year.).

School starts on Thursday and we are both very excited. Squid's going to be in the threes room and she can't stop talking about it. She is a little concerned about her friend Harrison who was in summer camp with her who will be in the twos class this year. She seems to think everyone should be in the threes. But the threes class has a better kitchen, a better dollhouse and both a sand and a pebble table. Which I've been hearing about a lot. The Squid loves rocks.

Ok. Off to knit some navy blue. Hooray for fall!


Blogger Liz K. said...

Two comments -- years of navy blue uniforms have given me a serious dislike of navy. In all its forms, including yarn.

Also, my sporting event of choice during both of my pregnancies was the Ironman Triathalon. You want to talk about hormones? Weeping on the couch at the triumph of the will over human limitations?

11:24 AM  
Blogger Davina said...

That sweater is gorgeous!!!
Your bday is a few days after mine. :)

8:14 PM  

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