Saturday, March 03, 2007

About Patterns

I've received a bunch of emails about the patterns used for the clothes in my previous post. I responded to each inquiry, but thought that maybe saying it here would save people some time.

Soaker pattern: mine. There's a link to it in the sidebar. It's a free PDF pattern you can download.

Pants pattern: mine. I haven't published it because it is very similar to my friend Pamela's Perfection Pants pattern available at her Wooly Wonder. My pattern changes a little bit every time I knit it. Pam's is well written, well photographed, and chock full of how-tos. I'm not going to bother publishing mine because hers is so complete. The instruction for the pleated waistband I use instead of a drawstring is in my soaker pattern, and can easily be incorporated into Pam's pattern.

Sweater pattern: mine. I made this up after measuring a bunch of clothes the Squid had as a newborn, and shaving or adding inches where I thought it was needed. I have not tried this on a baby yet, so I have no idea if it fits at all. If it does work, I will certainly make it available to anyone who has interest in it.

There you have it. Thanks for your interest and your emails and comments. If you feel like it, vote in the sidebar for a name for this kid I'm having. He's a boy, by the way, and his last name his huge and long and Italian. So many of our choices are Italian names. They just sound better.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leo would be the name of our son if we ever had a son. I love that name so much.


PS I like Milo next best.

5:39 PM  
Blogger jeanius said...

love the soaker pattern! what yarn was used for the green one pictured on the first page of the PDF? Lovely, and waht a beautiful family!

1:51 PM  

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