Thursday, August 09, 2007

Still notsomuch with the knitting

I want to knit. Every day I have some new plan for what I'm going to knit next. And yet.

On the actually getting things accomplished side of the coin wee man is growing well and healthy, though we have discovered that his mole-like qualities come from bilateral ptosis - meaning that the muscles of both eyelids don't fuction properly, so his eyes don't open fully. He'll have surgery in a yearish. They generally wait until the kid is 4 or 5 but his doctor says that this is a "pretty good case of it" and it'll probably make things hard when it comes time to walk. Though given that he's rolling over like a mad fool at 4 months, I'm thinking to dress him in velcro and stick him to the carpet. With a 4 year old and all of her teenytiny toy bits lying around, I really am not very interested in a mobile baby right now.

What else? I have successfully opened a coffee shop in Manhattan, that's pretty cool. I love it and it's air conditioned. Pretty good coffee, too. And deeeeelicious cupcakes.

Another interesting tidbit: my husband scared the pants off of me last week when I found that his pulse was in the 40s and his temperature was 95. Huh? I looked it up and found all kinds of things about poor oxygenation and heart disease. After 2 trips to the cardiologist and a 24-hour EKG (that made the Squid laugh like crazy) it turns out he's fine. has some insane heart murmur that is, they say, perfectly alright, but it's impossible to read his pulse accurately without an EKG and his body temp is just weirdly low. Who knows.

The Squid is perfect in every way. I cannot get over how much I love that kid. And when I say to her "I cannot get over how much I love you, kid," she replies: "I cannot get over how much you kiss me, mom." Oh well. By the way, she intends to be either an astronaut or a stretchy toy maker when she grows up. She says we can have stores next to each other where I can sell not-stretchy toys and she can sell stretchy toys. So if someone goes into my shop and asks for something stretchy, I can send them her way. And if someone goes into her shop and asks for something not stretchy she can sell them on the virtues of stretchy toys and convince them to buy things from her store.

Anything else? Oh yes, the raffles for my friend's family went well. I wish I could say with great enthusiasm that we raised over $2000. I just can't say it with great enthusiasm because it went to buying a headstone for a kid who will forever be three. I hung out with his family this past week. There was a hole in the summer. Natty was sorely, sorely missed.


Blogger Heaven said...

A coffee shop? Tell us more!!

11:19 PM  
Blogger Bea said...

Wow! No wonder you can't get knitting done, one kid, one infant, a new business, how do you do it all! Good luck with the coffee shop, and with Squid's stretchy toy endeavors...

9:57 AM  
Blogger Pamelamama said...


1:46 PM  
Blogger Miss Scarlett said...

Oh my goodness gracious me! No wonder you aren't knitting these days - sheesh but you are busy.

Oh, sorry to hear your Mole will need surgery, here I thought he was just a mellowed out babe.

Glad to hear that your scare wasn't a serious thing in the end. Weird isn't it?

I wish I could congratulate you on your successful raffle. I am just so sad for you and your friends. I wish there was something I could do.

9:53 PM  
Blogger Woman who knits said...

Wow, what a lot going on, seems like you're handling it well!! I can't wait to have 2 little ones in my arms!! I know what you mean about loving your kids. I can't believe how in love I am with my 3 year old. . .even on the really bad 3 year old days!!

9:36 AM  

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