Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Apocalypse

It's raining down frogs around here so often it feels like the apocalypse is nigh. And I can't tell if I'm needing to frog back to the beginning so many times because I'm being a smart ass or a dumb ass.

I made a crochet ripple blanket before. I counted stitches on one my grandmother made and replicated it faithfully. This time I am winging it. I am trying to make more undulating ripples, I am playing with size, I am using yarns with very different gauges... In short, I have no idea what I'm doing.

I'm ripping this out again. I now know exactly what to do. I found the right tension, the right hook, the right pattern, and the right number of stitches. Unfortunately the version I have going right now has none of those elements. Every day the Squid wakes up, picks up the smaller-than-ever project in-lack-of-progress and makes this sighing "ugh" sound. "Again? It's never going to be finished."

This will be the 8th time I've ripped this project back to the beginning. Which has shown me one thing: these yarns - Farmhouse Yarns "I'm allergic to wool" and Henry's Attic Inca Cotton both frog very well.



Blogger NikkiJ said...

How much Inca Cotton do you have? If you held it double, maybe the rows will end up the same height and you can stick to one hook. Or, make one pink ripley square on the inside and use the Inca cotton as a huge border or vice versa. I don't know, I hate to see you struggling like this.

6:43 PM  
Blogger SagePixie said...

poor little dear, I would totally hide the inprogress but then again at least she will know how much you worked on it.

Glad to hear you are still finding time to play with yarn.

Love and Laughter,

7:16 PM  

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