Sunday, September 02, 2007

How Do I Resolve This?

Excuse the utterly insane look on my face. This photo was taken in January at a fundraising award ceremony for the Squid's preschool. I was sitting at a table with Gloria Steinem and had to make a speech praising the director of the school - two women I adore and admire. I was pregnant and emotional and weepy. And I have hideous stage fright. All the time. Especially, apparently, while pregnant and in front of Gloria Steinem.

But let's talk about the shrug, shall we? A friend had loaned me the dress, and though it was January and the dress was sleeveless, I wasn't about to buy another maternity dress no one would wear a second time. So I decided to make a shrug.

The thing is, I'm not really a shrug person. I'm short, tend to have a little belly (even when not pregnant) and they just don't suit me. Of course it was perfect for a pregnant woman who had 3 days to come up with something. But for every day? not so much.

I do love the yarn. It's GGH Soft Kid in the only shade of red I can actually wear. It's soft, airy, warm, beautiful. The sleeves are perfect, I love the way they fit and feel. But as you can see, not being a shrug person, I have no experience with shrugs, and this one falls right off my shoulders. It desperately needs to be reconstructed.

I used 2.5 skeins of the yarn, and have 2.5 more. I knitted the sleeves first and then made a raglan top to it from the sleeves up, knitting only the back. I picked up and knit around the whole thing, adding about 2" all around. It's cute, but not functional at all.

I used size 8 needles, but could probably safely go up a little without making the sleeves look weird, if i needed to stretch the yardage a little.

I'm thinking about some kind of wrap sweater - maybe a faux wrap so there's no double layer in the front. or maybe a deep V neck. not sure how long i can get the sweater to be, though, with so little yarn. And having trouble matching the dye lot. So. suggestions?


Blogger Susanne said...

You might want to try putting more length between your shoulder blades. ...if you know what I mean. It appears as if it is too short there and thus coming off your shoulders. you could also try a bit more depth as perhaps that is the reason it is too..not sure if I am confusing you...hope not. Love the colour on you it is definitely a keeper.

1:39 AM  
Blogger Liz K. said...

Do you have Knitting from the Top by Barbara Walker? This is my go-to book for when I'm not sure I have enough yarn. And since her book doesn't really have patterns, more like chatty explanations (a la EZ) it might be good for you.

And wait...Gloria Steinem????????????????????? How proud would Ms. Geri B, ND's feminist-religion teacher be?

8:48 AM  

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