Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I Took a Taxi to the Louvre

My baby barfed on my keyboard. Which is really only a big deal because I have a laptop, which means I can't simply plug in a new keyboard.

So I waited for the kids to fall asleep and headed to the 24 hour Apple Store on 5th Avenue. Holy Louvre Cube is all I can say. It sticks up like a big crystal cube in the middle of 5th Avenue. A cylindrical glass elevator in the middle of the cube takes you down to the store. I didn't take the elevator. I took the stairs. Because I was so embarrassed about the fact that I was moved to take a photo of the place with my iPhone (yes, I am that nerdy) that I couldn't see straight to look for the button.

Anyway, it's midnight on a monday night - Labor Day, no less, and the place is packed. Crazy busy. I go over to the Genius Bar where I discover to my dismay that there are no openings until 4am to meet with a Genius. Damn. I tell my tale of woe ("I had to wait for two kids to fall asleep before I could leave the house! I have to be up early in the morning to spend the day with those kids! I can't possibly stay here until 4am!") to a Genius, who is unmoved until I say "essentially all I need is for you to pop on a new keyboard," at which point he says "I can fit you in right now!"

So I sat and knitted a fluffy blue chenille bunny while sitting at the Genius Bar at midnight on Labor Day. And I wasn't even drunk.


Blogger Jennifer said...

That last sentence made my morning. Gotta love knitting in the Apple Store at midnight on a holiday. :-) If the Apple Stores here were open that late, I'd never be able to keep my hubby home at night.

10:57 AM  

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