Thursday, September 13, 2007

Next up, Zimmermann for the whole family

I have all of these Zimmermann plans. I know that I want to make both a Bog Jacket and Tomten for myself, and I have decided to make smaller versions first, following the original EZ instructions. I know that I want to make some modifications for my own versions - such as short row sleeves and waist shaping. Since the original instructions make boxy garments perfect for children, and I happen to have two sample children on hand, I figured making wee ones first would be a good idea. This way I'll be better able to visualize the modifications - knowing exactly what I'm modifying.

I'm thinking to start here. This is Alpine Cotton from Henry's Attic, dyed by Little Turtle Knits. I'm thinking this will be a good Bog Jacket for the Squid for fall. She has a down vest (she calls it a life jacket - thanks Dora and Diego) which she really likes to wear, and I figure a nice cotton sweater-jacket underneath would be perfect. I'm thinking to double the yarn - I have plenty - making a warmer, thicker garment. Let's see.

The Mole is getting a Tomten. I'm making it from some Rowan Big Wool (in the red marl above with the pumpkin for detailing. Maybe), so I'm going to have to do the math to make it fit. I'm also adding legs to the bottom of it to make a cozy suit. The Squid was a stroller girl, so all of her hand-me-down winter wear is a solid bunting at the bottom. Mole needs something split into legs because he's a baby carrier boy.

My husband? He got his EZ last year. This year he's getting Brooklyn Tweed's Cobblestone. If I know Jared a little bit, I'm sure that his design has enough EZ love inside to make it a fine choice for the EZ Family.



Blogger Bea said...

Yay for Tomtens! I'm working on a little one made out of Malabrigo for my baby boy. I did some mini short row shoulders on one sleeve so far, and I really liked the results, you can see it on my blog, or look me up on ravelry, I'm bapple. He doesn't really need the shaping, but I wanted to test the technique out before I did it on a larger scale for my hubby. The Mole will be so cute in a Tomten with legs!

4:14 PM  
Blogger sue said...

I am going to have to go and buy the book that has the pattern in it I think since everyone seems to be knitting such wonderful tomtens. I love the colors you have chosen, and I have started Cobblestone too, although I havent decided if it is going to be for my son or my partner as yet.

5:03 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

What wonderful plans! I can't wait to see them progress! Aren't EZ patterns the best?

7:56 PM  

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