Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ugh. Biki Hell.

I really really really appreciate all of the support and ideas from my hooker friends. The hand holding is much appreciated!!

So I ripped it out and started with an 8m hook, which is appropriate for the pink Farmhouse yarn. Nice. But then when i got to adding the Ecru Inca Cotton, it was far too loose. Gah. So I ripped it out again and tried starting with the white and a smaller hook and going up to the larger hook for the pink. Yes, I know that's a terrible idea., and I ripped it out again.

So I've started on this thing for the fifth time, using the 8mm hook, starting with the pink, and being super careful about my tension. I've decided to live with the white sections being lacy, and I am doing 4 rows of white for every 2 rows of pink. This makes the lacy sections the same height as the pink.

I have no idea what this will look like when I'm finished. And of course there's the wild card of how much pink yarn do I actually have? No photos today - it looks pretty much as it did yesterday, and I didn't bother taking photos of the 2 versions I made and did not keep.

I do, however, have a photo of this yarn:
which is a beautiful organic Bluefaced Leicester dyed by Mosaic Moon. I'm trying to decide if this will be pants for the Mole or slippers for me. I gave birth all over my last pair of slippers, and so I need a new pair before the cold sets in.



Blogger Sara said...

What if you held the Inca Cotton doubled? Would that make it similar in weight to the pink yarn and more suited to the 8mm hook? Or - it might make it too thick? Hmmm...

4:07 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

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