Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A New Beginning. Again.

It got suddenly cold here. Tomten and Arwen were placed on hold for a second while I get to work on a poncho for the Squid. She needs one for riding on the back of her father's bike on the way to school every morning.

I've had this Black Forest Naturwolle for years . Four skeins were given to me as a gift and I have been looking for the right project. The yarn is beautiful. A mess of color without being garish. thick thick thick and bulky - I'm knitting it on 10.5s but could probably stand to go up to 11s. And the Squid says "hm. yeah, it's soft enough."

Speaking of Tomten, I've joined this fledgling knit-a-long for Tomtens of all shapes and sizes. I think you should, too.


Blogger Miss Scarlett said...

The force is strong with your little one - she has her woolen priorities sorted!

I would love to make an adult Tomten (like Jared's @ Brooklyn Tweed) but since I am completely unacquainted with EZ I need a written pattern and I haven't been able to find one. :-(

The Tomten for little people is adorable.

10:23 PM  
Blogger Prue said...

Just thought I would say hi. Came across your blog ages ago, then have spent months working out how to try to find it again! I knew that you made knitted nappy covers, but I couldn't remember that they were called soakers! Anyway, I love knitting, and I remembered that your photos were beautifully composed too, so I wanted to come back here again... Found you!

12:09 AM  

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