Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Hate Stripes.

This Treliske striped sweater is killing me. I loathe knitting stripes, especially striped sleeves in the round, spit-felted and magic looped. But the alternatives sound so much worse: weaving ends, seaming... I just hate stripes. The Mole will have outgrown this thing before I'm finished with it.

To distract myself I ripped out the red muppety shrug I made while pregnant, salvaged the sleeves, which fit nicely, provisionally cast on and knit the raglan up, following EZ' plans, and then picked up and knit down. I find myself with a too-snug raglan and a too-wide rest of the sweater. I'm going to have to rip it out again and provisionally cast on far fewer stitches and do the raglan decreases every 3rd row. But now i don't feel like it.

So I made myself some mittens. The convertible ones I made myself 3 years ago got lost last year - or at least one of them did. I've been wearing my Knucks a lot, but when I push the stroller I need a bit more. So I made plain old mittens. I've been hoarding this yarn for a while. I just love it, and that's saying a lot for someone who is not head-over-heels about blue. In fact I mostly hate it. But I love this yarn. It's an Oregon Merino from Mosaic Moon and the texture reminds me of a cross between Adam's farm merino and Blackberry Ridge. Buttery soft, but sturdy. I knitted it pretty tightly to hold up to the wind. I also made a duck-webbed thumb gusset which looks crazy but fits like a dream.

In other knitting news, Brigitta is fitting me well with the addition of a couple of buttons and some wearing. I do need to lengthen the sleeves. Then I can put the other sleeve on the Tomten for the Mole.

Also? i found another skein of that Farmhouse Yarn's "I'm Allergic To Wool" to go with the pink one for the Squid's biki. Ihad the squid choose a color to complement the pink and she chose a peachy-orange that reminds me of Baby Aspirin. Nice combo.


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