Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Other Stwipey Bwanket.

Years ago, when my monkey was a mere parasite, I made him this basketweave blanket. Which he, of course, being a wise and compliant boy, loves. And inexplicable calls his Stwipey Bwanket, despite the fact that it's, you know, not striped. It is a blanket, though. Anyway, many things have changed since I made that blanket. One of the things which has changed is that the monkey was born. And now he has two houses. He and his gigantic sister travel a few blocks each week to spend a few nights at his dad's house. And while so far there have been no major losses transporting Stwipey Bwanket to and fro, it's a fear that haunts us all. So we talked it over and it was determined that a second Stwipey Bwanket must be made.

I decided to make it actually striped this time, and in my infinite wisdom used two yarns so close in color (Henry's Attic Inca Cotton in Sage and Oz) that you can't tell that it's striped at all. So again we have a non-striped Stwipey Bwanket. But this one is nice and big and cushy and crochet - so it was finished in about the time it would take Apollo Ohno to build a castle out of legos.


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