Monday, April 07, 2008

I Can't Win!

So I have been wanting to try to crochet some amigurumi animals. I knit a lot of toys, but I feel that the texture of the crochet would lend a totally different spin to things. So I bought the "Tikki Tiger" pattern from Simple Arts Planet and got to work. I decided if I had any hopes of the Squid liking this toy (unlike every toy I've knit for her) it had to be pink. So I set out to make a pink cat.

If I were to do it all over again (and I will!) I would not use the plastic nose. I would embroider it. It's just too much plastic on such a small face, I think. Well, my girl came home, picked it up, smiled and said "Pink's not my favorite color any more."

And seriously? I am so happy to end this year-long reign of pink that I was thrilled and thought nothing of the cat. Or the nearly complete Surprise Jacket.

The new favorite color is "light light light light light light light light light green." Which is fine, because I have yarn just that color, with matching alien in a UFO button. All set to become a Bog Jacket. Take that, favorite color change! You can't defeat my stash!

The Good News is that the Mole adores the little pink kitty. Whew.

In other news, I have an ongoing parade of UFOs myself. The aforementioned Surprise Jacket, of course, and two pairs of unphotographed socks. I also have an unphotographed baby sweater for a baby already born. Just needs sleeves and a button band.

I've been working on Stephanie Japel's Alexandra. Since the last sweater I made for myself ended up being enormous, I'm knitting this one small. I've changed the gauge and the yarn and I'm knitting the front in stockinette instead of garter. It fits, ahem, snugly, right now. So snugly that I'm skipping the shaping.

I really like it. I like the yarn, Henry's Attic Alpine Cotton. I knit and blocked a swatch so I'm thinking I know what's going to happen to the sizing of this sweater. but you know. I worry anyway.

I've also got the crown of a Matilda on the needles for a friend. Too bad it's spring already. The color is still springy, though, so if I get cracking it might not be useless until next year. My how I love that Peace Fleece. I just adore everything about it. I keep dreaming about how many things I'm going to make for myself next winter from Peace Fleece.