Monday, February 11, 2008

If a Rolling Stone

Gathers no moss then I have one seriously mossy stone. My kidney stone has not moved. It's there. Causing trouble. The Squid calls it my Rock and asks me often "How's your Rock, Mamma? Where is it now?" and then she admonishes "You'd better drink more water, Mamma, or you're just going to get more rocks."


Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you the shortest-lived socks ever. Too much of our family illness has killed them. there's not even really enough left to darn anymore. I'm throwing them away.

Luckily I've found a way to not hate making socks so much. This is Cherry Tree Hill DK sock yarn, from my sister's lively gift certificate. I've found that knitting socks on 3s is easier for me than on 0s. And besides, I really do prefer a thicker sock. There's not as much DK sock yarn out there (and from now on i will never use a yarn without nylon!) but I don't care. Two at a time, on size 3 needles, I can manage.

I got some Henry's Attic Pigtail Cotton in two weights. I actually got this about a month ago but just got around to fondling it. The thinner weight is the same stuff I used to make the Squid's blue chenille bunny. I got a little of each to play around with. Who knows.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

No Photos

i have no photos to show you. because are you ready for this? I have a kidney stone. i've been in and out of the hospital and off and on morphine, toradol, and percocet. i'm a drooling, blithering idiot. and i'm attempting to pick up and attach some ear flaps to one of the mole's hats. i can't wait to see what it looks like when i sober up.

in the meantime, if you have some "ok. enough with the sick" energy to send my way, i surely would appreciate it.