Friday, July 20, 2007

I Finished Something!

I finished a soaker! And it even still fits my kid!

However, I'm listing it for round two of raffles for the Professor. Though he left us in December, his parents are still paying for the funeral. And they have a headstone to buy soon. And no one should buy a headstone instead of buying back to school clothes for pre-k.

So, more raffles thanks to the Fiber Arts Avengers. Go. Shop. Loads of Yarn.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

trying... trying... trying...

utter lack of capitals due to one handedness...

so i am trying to return. i have been knitting one row (41 stitches) a day on some cuffs for the yellow-green soaker pictured in my pile of mess below. i'm getting there.

i'm being inspired by Ravelry. and i'm trying to vow (but not yet vowing) to spend every moment i am sitting but unable to knit organizing my Ravelry page. user name is curlypurly, natch. because marnie was taken.

mewling babe. must attend.

Friday, July 06, 2007


i finally got it together to finish up that yellow and green soaker... I absolutely cannot find my scissors and darning needles. I had to go to the store to buy more. And of course I came home with my new scissor and needles... and didn't finish the soaker.

But. Wee Mole has started to hold things so I'm getting motivated to make the purple elephant that the Little Squid insists he needs.